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Tania Tsygel is an interior designer based in Marbella, Costa del Sol since 2013. As such, she has garnered a lot of experience designing interiors ranging from luxury private residences, city flats as well as second homes to property developments, presenting a design portfolio that showcases the very best in interior design with a personal touch. From the start to the end of any project, she walks along her clients on an inspirational journey leading to a special and perfect place.

About Us -

In her own words Tania says:

I will create interiors fulfilling the most ambitious expectations for clients that have already established their homes, are looking to find more living space or those seeking for a fresh start. I will also design tailor-made interiors adding unique touches to the residence for private or corporate clients – property developers.

…then she adds:

I look forward to perfecting homes, with stunning artwork, subtle paint finishes, bespoke furniture and carefully selected soft finishes. I take every project as special and look to achieve an interior that is individual and genuinely in tune with every client’s life pattern.

Tania trained at International School of Design (Moscow-London), Madrid’s School of Decoration and at the Harvard’s Architectural Imagination course, where she developed her talent and confirmed her determination to put the client at the centre of each design project. She perfected her skill as a creator of imaginative interiors reflecting the client’s character and personality.

Tania Marbella Interior Design
29604 Elviria, Marbella, Spain
tel/whatsapp +34 644461096
email: tzygel@gmail.com
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