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We also offer our special service, – what we call Home Staging, in Marbella, Costa del Sol, which when simply put is the art of presenting houses for sale in a way that appeals to the majority of buyers and increases their chances of buying. This ensures that the property gets the best price and sells quickly and easily. This is a great plus for houses that have been on the Costa del Sol market for a while. We help properties achieve their highest investment potential by presenting bespoke show homes and home staging. Every home is bound to sell faster and at a higher price provided it comes with the right furniture, tasteful décor and good lighting.

Home staging ranges from setting the right mood with efficient design pieces, to furniture and décor installation evenly in the house. We work with all price ranges as we understand that every home, small or large, comes with its unique style. We are the best when it comes to identifying the perfect home staging solution for ever project we work on. The result: a highly impactful home presentation, which will impress even the hardest-to-please clients looking to buy luxury properties in Marbella and Costa del Sol. We create highly attractive home staging transformations with character, using a wide array of designer furniture as well as sophisticated décor that creates elegant and fresh spaces to entice any prospective buyer. For our Home Staging service we source the best furniture manufacturers and we are savvy of the latest trends at trade shows and international exhibitions.

Our interior design studio also does high-end home staging for luxury properties and presents them to the market at their true value and worth. We achieve this by working with skilled professionals to carry out a thorough assessment of the property. Every space managed by Tania Tsygel down to the finer details in every room is cared for to convey a message of comfort generating a feeling of home for the potential buyer in their very first visit.

The price of this service includes the cost of the designer’s work and the cost of luxury furniture, art and accessories, and is evaluated by request, because every staging project is unique. Please request a quote for your home.


We fully adapt our service to meet your requirements and have three Home Staging packages for 2 bedrooms apartment (prices for other property by request). We enhance the best features in every property to make it as attractive as possible for renting or selling. Some properties only need a mere injection of color and some few modern accessories to bring out the life in them. Using your existing furniture, we assess your home for improvements and also look at your budget and time frame. We then present you with a mood board, which is some sort of plan for the color scheme, furniture and the general feel of how your house will look after the interior design, in addition to the cost estimates and a work timetable.

Not every home requires a full staging and we have partial staging for those. With that we add décor, accessories, and lighting to enhance the furnishings you already own. We can also help with de-cluttering to remove excess baggage that may be lying around, rearranging layout, adding lifestyle accessories, replacing worn furnishings and generally making your property more appealing. Full staging takes care of selling your property, by presenting the space and giving the buyers the opportunity to visualize living in the home.

Home Staging
-home visit
*the visit can be replaced to the photos and videos sent by the client

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Most Popular
-home visit
-interior design project
*decorating and shopping service fee 30 €/hour
*the visit can be replaced to the photos and videos sent by the client

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Home Staging
-home visit & suggestions
-interior design project
-shopping service & decorating
*price includes 10 hours of decorating and shopping service.Extra time fee 20 €/hour

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This is the final result of a home staging service, perfectly designed to quickly close a holiday apartment in Marbella. Many home owners do look forward to selling or renting out their properties but few realize that with a simple investment in home staging, they really push the value up and achieve their desire.

An apartment owner in Marbella recently invested in renovation and our home staging service. A new coat of paint was applied to their house and eventually our team sourced and purchased some new furniture pieces and accessories to give the property a new elegant look. We were able to change the apartment into an attractive and impeccable listing with just some bit of renovation work, furnishing updates and a little tender care. The final stage was a professional photo shoot to showcase the great work and the property was ready for the market.


With our services, the result you get is a welcoming, and market-ready property that the cosmopolitan home buyer can connect to and love!

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