Дизайн интерьера в Марбелье, Коста дель Соль. Студия интерьерного дизайна "Tania Marbella Interior Design" расположенная в Марбелье осуществляет услуги дизайна интерьера в Марбелье и на Коста дель Соль.

Tania Tsygel — Marbella Interior Design is an interior design studio offering an impeccable and comprehensive design service in Marbella since 2013. Ever since, our concern has been dedicated to delivering comfortable, individual and exceptional interiors that can provide enduring pleasure.  We create stylish designs for interior decoration according to the taste and flavour of the customers. Tania has earned her status in Marbella and has been listed as the top-favored interior designer. We make sure you get magically comfortable and luxury designs for your interiors at a reasonable price without losing the originality and quality.

We create luxurious bespoke interior designs that often satisfy our clients over and beyond their expectations. Considering that exceptional quality design can be life enhancing, we deliver every project that we undertake with quality as our top priority. Irrespective of how small or large a project is, each design is flawlessly executed and exquisitely finished. Your project will be handled by Tania with adequate support from her team that will assist with project management, budget and drawings.

Our studio of interior design situated in Marbella of Costa del Sol is open to a wide array of projects, designed for both corporate and private clients. Such projects can include fresh building projects requiring working closely with architects of the structure. We collaborate with them selecting original colors and material, crafting a style that is in line with the nature of the building, and the overall vision behind the idea of the architectural project. Essentially, our primary working zone is Marbella and the Costa del Sol, with schemes ranging from small-sized spaces to large-scale refurbishments and renovations. Our interior design studio works with equal level of comfort, be it renovation project or contemporary new build.

Our services are not limited to designing residential homes only. We also offer our expert interior design services to the developers. We help in designing Show Homes to give a better and beautiful look to the projects. Skilled in analyzing the needs of the potential buyers, we work hand in hand with our developers for providing interior design that is suitable for their potential customers.

We feel comfortable to work with both new as well as established business in order to create functional and amazing commercial interiors. Be it an isolated small café, restaurant chain, office foyer or an eco-resort, we value them as our esteemed Clients. We know the worth of quality design. We believe that a poorly designed interior can damage the business. But we believe more in the fact that a well-crafted space can elevate business to new heights and can attract more customers in an efficient and economical manner.

We are motivated towards always delivering inspirational interiors catered to the way our client desires to live. An important aspect of our skill set is a thorough knowledge and interpretation of the lifestyle as well as aesthetic needs of our clients. This ensures that the interiors we create reflects his or her personality, unique lifestyle, aspirations and tastes. We are pride in being able to design practical solutions, whatever the requirements of the project may be.


Our primary focus is on the creation of harmonious spaces that are uncluttered, beautiful and simple. Every single project tells a story that will define and characterize the space. Well-planned interior execution can enhance our everyday life’s quality. If we are careful while we choose proportion, colors, materials, color and the placement of objects, art and furniture, magic can happen. Together, these factors offer strength and beauty to our residence space.

Maybe you are thinking of revamping your bedroom, revitalizing your living room or planning to allocate a place in your residence to entertain your family and friends. Whatever your plan may be, we promise to bring to you the perfect solution when it comes to your interior design needs. Over the years, we have garnered unquestionable reputation for offering interiors rich in creativity, elegance, style and flair.

While designing every project, close attention is paid to the minor details. Each interior design is managed and implemented with utmost care. If you have an attractive and prominent establishment, it speaks its own story in terms of time and skill invested in it. Our interior design studio works with bespoke manufacturers of furniture as required, for creating beautifully finished and well executed interiors. We are expert in space planning, interior designing, bespoke furnishings and joinery, decorations, lighting and color schemes. Be it unusual accessories, salvaged and vintage pieces or artwork for commercial and residential interior projects, we can arrange for it all. Further, we concentrate on delivering the projects on time as well as within budget.


Designing your home is a great experience, but if you are thinking of achieving it by yourself, you are likely to find it both overwhelming and expensive. Finding a reliable interior designer may also not be too easy – what with the many hidden charges, hiked prices and extended timelines? More often than not you’ll find yourself behind schedule and spending much more than you had budgeted for. Not with Tania Marbella Interior Design, however. With us, you get to know the exact cost you’ll be charged upfront and even better, we have affordable options to suit any budget. Our transparent billing system means that there are no hidden fees and you won’t get sudden costs coming up in the middle of a project.

Our aim is to make interior design accessible to anyone no matter what size their budget or project is. We offer a BASIC interior design package for those who just looking for inspiration and a point in the right direction, or a full design service package EXTRA for those who need the project over seen from initial consultation till completion. There is even a more popular package – the PREMIUM package. With this one, you get an initial consultation with our interior designer who discusses the brief with you, style and the end goal that you have in mind. They then create plans with options for all your agreed items following your special design scheme but without detailed drawings.

Interior Design
25per m²
-home visit
-space planning
*initial concept design
*2 sets of amends

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Most Popular
50per m²
-home visit
-space planning
-style and color scheme
-furniture & finishes scheme
*procurement fee 10% of budget (min 1000€)
*CGI 3D renders fee 25 €/m²

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Interior Design
75per m²
-home visit and space planning
-style and color scheme
-furniture & finishes scheme
-detailed layouts
*procurement fee 10% of budget (min 1000€)
*CGI 3D renders fee 25 €/m²

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The following are the steps that a typical project would follow:

Discovery Meeting

We begin each of our projects with a no-charge initial meeting at the client’s property. This provides an opportunity for us to discuss the project and take notes on your desires. In our line of work, it is important to know the clients in terms of their lifestyle and the intended goal with the designing. It is during this initial discovery meeting that we get to learn a client’s personality, individual taste, and lifestyle aspirations and so on. In essence, learning and understanding the things they find important to them in order to ensure that the final product is a reflection of the client’s true self.

This also provides an opportunity to identify and discuss all issues involved before the project commences. The first meeting normally is simple and relaxed for both parties as we discuss your ideas and specifics, as well as an opportunity for you to understand how we work and the value we can add to your project.  In short, a chance for us to know one another and discuss your project’s scope. The aim of the meeting is to get a clear brief from you which we can use to come up with creative designs for your home. The initial meeting is followed by a written proposal to the client.

Concept Design and Presentation

In response to your brief, we come up with a concept design for discussion. This is presented as draft layouts showing aspects such as space utilization, any modifications in structure as well as the furniture layouts. We also employ the use of mood boards to show the different color schemes, identifying the walls and windows as well as the various possible options for fabric and finishes.

We design our presentation to be as comprehensive as possible to you. It is very detailed including all plans, sketches, furniture selections to give you a perfect picture of the interior design and if you are comfortable with it, you approve.

That way, we manage to discuss all the practical considerations for the project leaving you feeling confident with design you approve. Our transparent approach to pricing and being clear on all information is an important part of building a lasting relationship with our clients which is our goal.

Design Development

Once you have approved the concept, we move to the detailed design stage where we develop the design with detailed plans and drawings and all other elements needed by the appointed construction team, consultants and makers. We work with a carefully selected network of suppliers and trusted craftsmen, in addition to other specialists such as architects, lighting designers, and project managers, all to ensure you get the best results in your project.


Once everything has been agreed upon, a detailed cost of the project is presented. This explains the costing on each individual element per room and a summarized project total. Our team takes care of all procurement and production of the bespoke furniture, being in charge of all programming and deliveries so that everything is available on site ready for the final installation and snagging. We have discounts on many items, which is a great plus for the clients. A procurement service fee is however charged for the management of all the stages of the procurement process, from price negotiations all the way to production, delivery, and quality management.  We also supervise the installation of all joinery, furniture, and accessories keen to ensure that everything fits in its specified position. By leaving all process supervision to us, we set your free of a potentially stressful experience.

Project Management and Coordination

Our team supervises the implementation of the design during the construction stage with regular site visits and meetings during the process. We handle any issues that may arise along the way and keep open communication with the construction team. All important decisions go through us helping save time and reduce the stress associated with delays. We ensure the entire construction process runs smoothly, on budget, and accomplished on time.

Dressing and Handover

With the construction and all decorations complete, we organize a site clean-up before fitting the windows treatments and carpets. We then oversee the delivery of furniture and their positioning and furnishing. Sometimes we also do artwork and other home accessories during this stage to get the finished look. We could dress your interior with some of your already existing treasures, giving each of your rooms your personal stamp for that feeling of personal entitlement. It is only when you are fill comfortable and satisfied with all elements of our work that we count our job done.


We are well-verse in an extensive range of interior design styles for residential spaces and projects. As a result, we are your perfect solution if you are looking to develop a space which you love. Be it a simple makeover for your room or a revamp of your entire home, Tania will work with you to successfully complete any kind of interior design project. She will help you achieve all within the time and budget limits, in a faultless manner. You should employ a designer capable of meeting your affluent tastes if your goal is to live in luxury. That is why Tania Tsygel – Marbella specialist in interior design is exactly what you have been waiting for.


Tania Marbella Interior Design
29604 Elviria, Marbella, Spain
tel/whatsapp +34 644461096
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